A hypnotic trance state manifests whenever the focus of attention is inside to the body, and what we are experiencing is provided by our imagination in reaction to suggestion... instead of in reaction to our senses.

So I guess the next thing to do is to talk about the imagination and the role it plays in hypnosis.

I don't use terms like "sub-conscious mind", super-conscious mind", unconscious mind, "Id", "Ego", etc. because I don't really know what those terms mean... because the definitions don't really accurately reflect what is going on with the mind.

I use the "imagination" because it most accurately fits when describing what happens with the mind during hypnosis.

Most people think that their imagination is just their "creative side", the part of the mind that comes up with all those neat ideas and solutions.

In reality, the imagination appears to take a much larger role in our everyday lives.

The base purpose/function of the imagination appears to be: "to provide an understandable representation of what we experience or what we encounter."

Nothing screws us up more than not knowing "what is going on" or "what THAT is".

The imagination provides this understanding in a couple of different ways.

The first way is... to provide us with an understandable representation of what our senses tell us... we do not get direct input from our senses... it is interpreted.

As an example:  Have you ever had a cut, a bruise, or a scrape... that you discovered?

"How'd I do that?" you exclaim when you find the injury.

And once you have found it... THEN it starts hurting.

This lets you know that you are not getting direct input from the senses because this is actual tissue damage that you were not aware of... and if you were getting direct input from the site, you would have felt it before you found it.

The second way the imagination provides this is... sometimes it doesn't have enough data to know how to react, so it will act as a comparator to memory to find the closest match to what we have encountered or experienced in the past.

This is why we can pull patterns out of things, see faces and shapes in clouds... all are our imagination trying to make sense of our world for us.

Since the imagination is what is providing what we experience in the world from our sensory input, it makes sense that it will provide what we experience from suggestion as well while we are hypnotized.

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The Imagination