The Bottom Line
How and why hypnosis can produce lasting change
For all of the neat things we can do with hypnosis, there had to be a reason why it can create lasting change in our lives.

After all the research, after all the study, after all the analysis, it simply comes down to this:

Change via hypnosis relies on 2 separate natural abilities we have, and because of how they work, enables them to work in our favor.

Let me explain.

The first of these natural abilities is our ability to automatically react to outside input without the involvement of the intellect.

Earlier, on the Natural Trance page, we gave the example of the lemon.

The second of these natural abilities is our ability to automatically adapt to a changing environment.

It's one of the reasons we are at the top of the food chain.

As an example of how quickly we adapt to a changing environment, think about getting into a hot tub, at first its hot!! hot!! hot!!... and then, after only a few moments, we adapt and it feels wonderful.

Or...into a cool swimming first it changes the octave of our voice..then in just a is refreshing and feels good.

We automatically adapt to whatever reality is presented to the best way we can.

As far as effecting permanent change with hypnosis, this is how most of it works...

We have an ability to determine what is real and true in the world. We use our senses and analytical abilities to determine this as best we can about what we encounter.

As you have seen on other pages here, this ability is what I call "the critical faculty" (or critical factor).

When in a hypnotic trance, this critical faculty becomes diminished or dormant which means we can no longer analyze, which means we can no longer tell what is real and true.

This means that we return to the same mental ability we had before we were 6 or 7 years old...and it all becomes true.

This is why we had to be told there was no Santa Claus, no Easter Bunny, no Tooth Fairy, etc.

So whatever is presented to us in a hypnotic trance state, is accepted as real and true.

And our natural ability to adapt to a changing environment kicks in and we automatically adapt to the new reality.

This is why we can suggest someone's hand is stuck to a wall and it works...because their natural adaptive ability made the suggestion a reality to them and they automatically adapted to make it true.

If you think about the ramifications of this, and think about what is possible when operating with this kind of understanding of what you are begin to realize that a whole lot more is possible with hypnosis than we already do.

So this is the bottom line of why we can create permanent change with hypnosis:

1. We suspend the ability to determine what is real and true.
2. We provide suggestions that create a new reality.
3. This suggested reality is accepted as being a new reality and the body automatically adapts to that new reality.

I hope this is understandable the way that I said it.