To have an online session with me there are several different methods that can be used.

The most popular are: Skype or Oovoo

You can download for free here: Download Skype for Free

You can download Oovoo for free here: Download Oovoo for Free

I prefer both voice and video capability but can do voice only if absolutely necessary.

Sessions are coordinated via email and/or skype voice and payment is made through Paypal via the button below.

When I receive the email saying payment has been made, (usually only takes a few seconds after you make payment) we can begin the session.

Online Hypnosis Sessions
Hypnosis Intervention Session - $125 per session
This is for hypnosis change work; like fear removal, getting rid of emotional baggage, pain control, etc.
Online Consultation - $20 per session
This is for if you wish to talk to me to help you understand an issue, or provide clarity about hypnosis or how it can help you. I am available to you for consultation.

This is also for those who just want to experience what hypnosis feels like.
Recreational Hypnosis Session - $80 per session
This is for those who have problems achieving trance, or want to experience some trance effects that are entertaining, exciting, and fun.