Our Natural Trance State
Our Natural Trance State starts with the fact that we are unable to focus our attention on more than one thing at a time.

The focusing of our attention is what we use when we "drill down" and "analyze" something to find out what is real and true about it.

As for not being able to focus our attention on more than one thing at a time... I offer this as evidence: trying to listen to two people talking to you at the same time.

You can be aware they are both there and that both are making noise, but to drill down and understand what they are saying... you can only do so one at a time.

You can switch listening back and forth between them very rapidly, but you are still only able to focus your attention on one at a time.

Why this is important, is that we have a survival need to watch out for threats while we are doing any other activity.

The method with which we compensate for this attention focus limitation is based in our peripheral awareness, which is the awareness that we have of our surroundings without focusing our attention on it.

We have a natural ability to automatically react to this peripheral outside input provided by our senses, without the involvement of the intellect.

It may help to think of this as being like mental reflexes.

Think about when you are driving your car... you are not focused on operating the machinery... you are looking where you are going, listening to the radio, talking with a passenger, or focusing your attention on something else... and just automatically reacting to changing traffic conditions as you learned how to do.

We learn specific automatic responses that are automatically used at a later time when a specific set of circumstances (triggering) is received/encountered.

This turns out to be what the majority of learning really is... Learning how to automatically react to things without having to think about them when we do tasks involving them.

This type of learning is accomplished via repetition. We do something over and over and over again, until we can do it without thinking about it.

We call this: learning the ropes, getting the hang of it, becoming accustomed to it, OJT, etc.

So it is this natural ability of ours that enables us to automatically react to outside input provided by the senses, without the involvement of the intellect, that I define as our... Natural Trance State.

This natural trance state manifests itself whenever we focus our conscious attention on something.

You may be surprised to learn that it very used to working side by side with our normal functioning intellect while our attention is focused on something else... we call it multi-tasking.

This automatic reactive ability, that I call our natural trance state, is at its strongest when the focus of our attention is internal to our body.

This is because when none of the senses are focused externally, the only outside input we still get is from our peripheral awareness, so it has to be at max to keep us safe.

Again, I define our natural trance state as simply our ability to automatically react to outside input (via the senses), without the involvement of the intellect.

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