Instant Inductions
Remembering that a hypnotic induction is simply directing the focus of attention internal to the body and having input come from the imagination instead of the senses, we will now move on to instant inductions and how they work.

We all have something called a "startle reflex".

This happens when we are suddenly surprised or startled.

What it really mental confusion.

Confusion about how to react to what we just encountered or experienced.

Also known as "the deer in the headlights" syndrome, it is a momentary state of mental gridlock while our imagination searches long term memory for the closest reaction match.

Wait a minute...our focus of attention goes internal, and the imagination searches to find the closest match to what we encountered so it can provide how to react.

Can you say...hypnotic trance state?

At worst case we get a natural trance state (no input from the imagination, but in which we will automatically react to outside input) and if they expect to be hypnotized, that will amplify it enough to enable the sleep command to be automatically reacted to.

When we finally recover (up to 2 minutes) we emerge from the trance state and all is normal again.

If...during this minute or two of mental gridlock, we gave a suggestion, it would be automatically reacted to as long as the subject understood how to react, and there was no reason not to.

So what if we just suggested something that everyone knows how to do? Like...Sleep!

That in a nutshell is how an instant induction works.

Once again...remembering that you direct the focus of attention inside the body...and input is being generated by the imagination instead of the senses...

So.. how can we make this instant induction happen?

If you think you are going to just surprise someone and hypnotize them with an instant induction.. your success rate will be real low.

Remember that they have to "allow" themselves to automatically react.

Our natural protection that looks for attempts to control us without our permission is always on the job.

So this is gotten around by getting permission to hypnotize people first.

When we do this, it actually works in our favor. Why?

Remember the "expectancy" page of this website?

When we create an expected event, the body adapts to the event and just waits for the starting signal.

So let them know you are going to hypnotize them in less than two seconds.. and have their own mind do the work for you.. hehehe.

The methods of setting up the proper conditions for an instant induction can vary greatly.

As long as the end result is that both conditions for hypnotic trance are met, it really doesn't matter.

Use your own creativity to come up with ways to do so.

But remember to keep the safety of your subject in the forefront of your mind.

Some people are known as "floppers".

Which means when you do an instant induction they instantly go totally limp and flop to the ground.

Have someone nearby to catch them or you need to be ready to grab them yourself.

I personally don't do any instant inductions unless the subject is seated.

Not that they still can't flop, but it is easier to catch them in a chair than to catch them standing up.

That said...You can startle them by having them place one hand palm down on top of your hand that is palm up.

Just have them push down (you resisting against their pushing) and then just suddenly whip your hand out of the way and give the sleep command.

It is important to note that the resulting hypnotic trance state is very light..and you will need to deepen it more if you want them to stay hypnotized.

Some hypnotists place their hand on the top of the head of the subject and rotate it around after giving the sleep command, to create further disorientation and making the subject more susceptible to following the deepening suggestions.

The biggest problem is lack of faith that this will actually work.

Because I have people who have difficulty experiencing trance come to me for help, I often use an instant induction just to see if they are actively resisting me or not.

If they are...(and notice I said "actively" resisting, not "consciously" resisting) most will still drop if you do it right..but you will see them struggle to overcome it and immediately reopen their eyes instead of going deeper.

Another method of doing an instant induction is to create expectancy and then ask a question that requires a transderivational search (a question that requires them to go look for the answer internally).

When you see them go inside to get the answer (eyes go blank or look up left or right...they might even say something like "Now let me see..")...Sleep!

It works the same way.