Hypnotist Info
We needed a starting place for hypnotist info, and it looks like this will have to be it.

The reason you are here is because you would like some help at being better at hypnosis.

This normally means you are either not getting the results you are looking for, or you feel you are not that good at being able to consistently hypnotize people.

I don't care what kind of training you have already have, if it was working well for you, you would not have come here.

And if it is not...then you have come to the right place.

The hypnotist info I provide is an operational Hypnosis model and mind model that will make sense to you.

I will tell you up front that there is no model of the mind or hypnosis that can be scientifically proven to be "right"... this is because hypnosis is a subjective experience (one you have to personally experience) not an observable one.

It would be like trying to scientifically prove that you are hungry, or in love.

So I say the next best thing... "However else hypnosis and the mind work, they work the way I say they do also, in a definable and repeatable manner."

To be a true master of hypnosis you need to be able to understand how what you are doing works, and why it works.

If you have that level of understanding, you can use any words you want to, as long as they will still do the required things.

I will present a model of the mind for your use.

If you are interested in the detail of how the hypnosis and mind models used here were developed, you can buy the e-book "The Nature of Trance" that is available for download here.

It chronicles my journey of discovery to map the entire hypnosis/trance mechanism in a simple and easy to understand manner, as well as explaining why overly analytical types have problems entering trance and how to help them overcome it.

So it is time to start your journey of understanding... first stop, learn all about our natural trance state.