The Hypnotic Trance State
The reason we can be hypnotized at all is because it was discovered that the outside input that we will automatically react to, can be in the form of a suggestion.

When the natural trance state is enabled, we can amplify it into a hypnotic trance state by providing suggestions that internalize the focus of attention, and activate the imagination as a reaction input source that replaces the input from the 5 senses.

When this happens, several mental changes occur:

1. Since our focus of attention is internal to our body, and the imagination is now providing the input to be reacted to (from suggestion) our peripheral awareness starts becoming diminished as an input source.

This is important because our peripheral awareness provides us with what our current reality is. Meaning... it constantly provides us with what our surroundings are, who we are with, and how we are feeling,

2. Since the outside input from our peripheral awareness has been replaced by input from the imagination, our ability to tell what is real and true in the world also becomes diminished.

More accurately, our ability to dis-believe becomes diminished... Everything becomes true.

Just like before the age of 7 or 8 when we were found out about Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy.. etc.

(This "ability" to tell what is real and true in the world is what I define the critical faculty (or factor) to be).

3. The value of everything being true... is that we automatically adapt to whatever we believe is real. Think about getting into a cool swimming pool or a hot tub... when you first get in... it's Ohhh!... then in just moments, we adapt to the new reality.

That's how fast we adapt to whatever we believe is real.

4. So when in a hypnotic trance state, and two conditions exist, we automatically react to suggestion... and our body automatically adapts to the new reality.

5. The two conditions that need to exist in order for us to automatically react to suggestion in hypnotic trance state are:

A. We have to know how to react.
(if I asked you to start dextroboping... what would you do?)

B. There has to be no reason not to.
(This is your natural protection. There is a part of the mind that filters everything coming in... looking for attempts to control us without our permission. It never sleeps, never goes into trance. If it has a reason... it will prevent reaction from the input.)

But; if given a suggestion and these two conditions do exist, you know how to and there is no reason not to... you will automatically react... and your body will automatically adapt to the new reality.

These automatic reactions are what are most commonly called “trance effects” which are automatic reactions to suggestion normally involving some form of demonstration of muscle or limb catalepsy or limb movement.

It takes an existing natural trance state to enable a hypnotic state, because the hypnotic state is simply an amplified version of our natural trance state.

This is true even with instant inductions.

So, for the purposes of this model; Hypnosis is defined as:The process of amplifying a natural trance state into a hypnotic state.

In this model, the thing that ties the two trance states together; what makes them both “trance” states; is their common utilization of our natural ability to automatically react to input without the involvement of the intellect.

With a natural trance state, the outside input is from the senses via our peripheral awareness.

With a hypnotic trance state, the outside input is from suggestion (automatic reaction to input from our senses via our peripheral awareness is diminished)