"The Nature of Trance"
This is an E-book will give you the complete hypnosis/trance mechanism. How it works, why it works, why we can be hypnotized, what is really required to hypnotize someone, and what isn't.

This is my account of a journey of verification and discovery of what is and isn't true about hypnosis and trance, that was prompted by my discovering inaccuracies in the formal hypnosis training I received and what was (and still is) until now, widely considered facts by a large portion of the hypnosis community.

It is written in a simple and easy to understand format that takes you sequentially through the findings and conclusions obtained from over 12 months of research, utilizing data gathered from over 100 subjects.

The data is presented as a model only because there is no current way to legally or physically prove hypnosis theory, other then by results. You can get a preview of a small portion of the content and the style in which the book is written in the "how it all works" section of this website.

Hypnosis is so much easier to learn and use once you understand how it operationally works.

Created as a valuable resource for any student of hypnosis or seasoned hypnotist, it contains detailed instructions on how to successfully and easily hypnotize the 15% of the population that are deemed "overly analytical", and for those few who still have some difficulty, a proven method to determine the cause.

The price of this E-book is $19.95
"Hypnosis Mechanica"
(The mechanisms of hypnosis)
This book utilizes the hypnosis model presented in "The Nature of Trance" and breaks it down into the individual mechanisms and processes involved in hypnosis.

When you can see how all the mechanisms fits together to form definable and repeatable processes, you will gain an intimate understanding of how and why hypnosis works and how to utilize these mechanisms and processes to construct your own faster and more powerful hypnotic inductions.

Several existing inductions are included and broken down to the individual mechanisms to show you how they are constructed.

Included in these examples are: "The Expectancy Induction", the "No touch instant induction", and the "5 seconds to somnambulism induction".

There are also chapters on our natural protection systems and how to get around them, and on how to do a "managers meeting" to change an existing behavior.

This book is a must for those who do not feel comfortable enough that they have a good grasp on the hypnosis process itself works, and want a level of understanding that will make their hypnosis success more repeatable for them.

The price of this e-book is $24.99US
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