Besides these pieces of paper, I have used my background as a systems analyst to research, examine, and map, the entire hypnosis/trance mechanism, as well as how the mind works in association with hypnosis and trance.

From the results of this effort, I have written the E-Book that is available on this site called "The Nature of Trance"

It explains the how and why of hypnosis and trance. How it all works, why it all works, and why we can be hypnotized in the first place.

To separate this from just simple opinion; it even includes the methods used to determine the results, and provides examples of the proofs and evidences that can be verified by the reader.

Because of this, I am routinely able to hypnotize those who have been unable to achieve trance in the past via other hypnotists.

I use methods that now allow the subject to remain wide awake and alert during the whole process, and that normally takes less than two minutes.

I have moved past the stage of just being in the drivers seat of hypnosis, and I have become the mechanic.

Meaning; that there are now only 3 things that are required for me to hypnotize anyone.

Their desire to be hypnotized

Their permission to be hypnotized

and their ability to follow instructions.
I could give you my life story, but I think that this is what you would really want to know.
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